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The Little Photo Company comprises of a team of five young(ish!) photographers. Between us we have covered literally hundreds of weddings in venues from Cornwall to Edinburgh, across Europe and even the US.

We all share a love of our work and a common to approach to relaxed and informal photography which the Little Photo Company has built itself upon.

Working as a team allows us to share ideas and keep each other on our toes - we don't just have the benefit of our own experience, but the company as a whole.
SteveSteve's first job out of school was back in the days of 35mm film as a photographer for a local newspaper. While working at the paper he studied A-level photography in evening classes going on to read BSc in MediaLab Arts at Plymouth University.

At uni Steve was introduced to both the new medium of digital photography and his wife Tash. Both new loves blossomed and several years later Steve and Tash set up The Little Photo Company together. Steve's real passion in photography is in reportage work - capturing an event or occasion and the people involved and providing a record for years to come.

Steve joined the Wedding Photojournalist Association in October 2011.
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TashTash first discovered a love of photography as a teenager when she realised it is a great artistic medium for someone with very poor drawing ability! Her Dad's old battered Pentax saw her through sixth-form and a degree in MediaLab Arts at Plymouth University where film turned into digital. Here Tash spent less time in the dark room and more time on the computer where she got the nickname of the 'Photoshop Queen'.

Tash gets the biggest buzz out of photographing people and loves capturing those special moments and genuine unabashed emotions that happen when people are unaware of the camera - the delight of a bride when she first gets a glimpse of herself in her dress, a shared joke amongst old friends or embarrassed realisation on the groom's face when he becomes aware of the story the best man is just about to tell!

Tash set up the The Little Photo Company with Steve in 2004.
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NadineDeenie first developed her interest for film photography whilst studying Media and English at the College of St Mark and St John in Plymouth. This flourished into digital photography when travelling in Australasia, Asia and the Americas in 2005.

Deenie continues to take delight in photographing the everyday beauty of the world - as she finds it.

Deenie has worked part-time for the Little Photo Company since 2009.
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MartinWhen not photographing weddings, Martin is rarely seen without a camera in hand. He loves to capture real life through pictures and this passion formed part of a recent project to take a picture a day for 365 days.
His photography has taken Martin to a number of varied events including music festivals and the rather moustached affair of the film premiere of the ‘Tashalaska’, which documents the biannual international moustache and beard competition.

Martin loves the wide spectrum of emotions and locations when photographing weddings and feels it a privilege to capture the moments that make each couples’ special day special. click here to view a gallery of Martin's work

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