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The commercial side of the Little Photo Company works across a wide range of businesses.
Below are some of the areas we work in and how we can tailor our approach to the needs of that sector.
Events & PR
Events and PRThe company covers a range of events both directly for organisations, and as subcontractors for various PR agencies.
Our experience in the field is vast, ranging from photographing the Royal Princes and Lord Rothchild's wine tasting events through to celebrity golfing tournaments and an annual folk festival in Wiltshire.
We are able to work to very tight deadlines, and with a team of 5 photographers, we are usually able to accommodate photographic assignments at very short notice.

Irrespective of the subject matter, we offer a fast efficient service for events-based work. Using mobile broadband technology we are able to photograph, post-process and upload/email images all on site, allowing our clients to publish photographs live as an event is taking place.

Product and Studio Photography
Product and studio photographyA large part of our business comprises of product and advertising photography, an area that involves both location and studio photography.

We have experience working with major brands including 3M, Panasonic, McVities, Sainsburys, and at all times we display a sensitivity to brand issues and awareness.

For assignments requiring a studio we have our own dedicated studio facilities Near junction 17 of the M4. We also have full portable studio equipment for remote studio work, offering clients an option to conduct studio shoots at their premises or on location.

Corporate Photography
Corporate photographyNot all of our commercial photography is event or product led. We supply photographic services to number of businesses in an ongoing capacity - for example photographing images of staff and offices for marketing materials such as website and internal publications.

We have experience developing bespoke stock photography libraries for clients, assisting with achiving and referencing of images for use by internal communcations staff.

Digital Media
Digital mediaAn increasingly large part of our business is in the area of digital media.

We offer in-depth knowledge of photographing for digital, providing stills photography to a number of companies for use on the web, mobile internet/apps and television.

Our understanding of the media allows us to provide digital assets in the best formats for our client's needs.

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